Biosphere Field Trips

Exclusive to BPBA members! 2024 Outdoor Field Trip series. Reserve your spot now by clicking on an open event:

  • Birding 101 - "Birding for the Beginner" - Pat and Rod Sein - May 18 
  • Ginebek Mikaans - the Snake Trail Boardwalk  - "Anishinaabe Cultural Experience at Cape Croker "- Caley Doran - June 15 
  • Net Zero Home Tour - "Live off the grid with electricity left over for your car." Glen Estill - June 29
  • Tree ID and their Ecology 101 - "Trees are a biological cornerstone to the ecology of the Peninsula" - Tyler Miller - July 13 
  • Wetlands - "The Disappearing Wetlands on the Saugeen/Bruce: Why do we need to preserve them?" - Neils Munk - August 10 - RESERVATIONS NOW OPEN
  • Bruce Peninsula Geology - "A Day at the Beach: The Geological Wonders of Black Creek Provincial Park "- Jenna McGuire - August 24

Keep visiting this page to see when reservations open and new field trips are added.