Wetland Restoration

After a long and involved process, the Biosphere Association was able to purchase a property that is part of a significant remnant portion of wetland on the peninsula. This property, near the headwater of Judges Creek, the source of which is a karst spring, was altered by a manmade channel that has been draining the greater wetland area. Part of the restoration of this property has involved restoring the water flow to it's original state. 

The Eastnor Swamp contains critical reserves of potential deer-yard habitat, important black bear habitat and hibernation sites as well as a wildly diverse wetland plant and animal ecology.

With generous funding to purchase from MECP and funding for initial restoration from Greenbelt Foundation, the project has begun to restore and preserve the value and function of the wetland and focus public energies on preventing future threats to this rare and unique ecosystem. The acquired property may facilitate public access for scientific study and recreational enjoyment. We are looking for further funding support and donations to continue this work.