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to the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere


Producers Club

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Crop Producers Club which can be accessed by Picture of fields to represent the idea of crop producer club CLICKING HERE. This project is funded by GLASI, the Great Lakes Agriculturicultural Stewardship Initiative which supports activities in the Lake Huron southeast shores watershed and the Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair watersheds. For more information, please see the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association website at .

First Executive Director for BPBA

The Board of Directors of the Association is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Katherine McLeod to the position of Executive Director. Katherine's experiece and academic background are major additions to the capacity of the organization. Please click here to see the Bruce Peninsula Press article with more information. This part time Executive Director position was made possible through a grant from the Dalglish Family Foundation. We look forward to working with Katherine.

Forests Forever!

Edge of the ForestThe Biosphere Association has received funding from Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation to promote recognition of the value of having a system of interconnected protected spaces on the Bruce Peninsula. Greenbelt LogoWe organized a Forest Festival in October 2015 and are developing a Strategy for Re-Connectivity, producing three short videos on forests that will be accessible by QR codes, and conducting an information session on 2015 review of the Niagara Escarpment, Greenbelt, Oak Ridges Moraine and Ontario's Places to Grow Plan. If you would like to help with our forest-based activities, please call (519) 377-5166.  Please click here for more information on the Forest Festival. Please click here for The POSTER for the 2015 Forest Festival! 

Six Streams Initiative

Do You Like to Fish?

We are working on Little Lake and Judges Creek at present. Would you help us? For more details, please click here.  To help, call (519) 377-5166.

MOECC Govt Ontario Logo Funding for the Six Streams Initiative has been generously provided by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and other organizations. Under COA MOECC funding has been provided for livestock restriction on properties within the Judges Creek watershed on the Bruce Peninsula.   Environment Canada LogoThis work includes fencing cattle out of the stream and providing alternate watering sources to improve water quality in the river and streamside habitat for aquatic species.

The Lake Huron Georgian Bay Framework for Community Action assists the Biosphere Association to address priorities by finding funding and coordinating activities with other stakeholders through a consensus-based, community-driven approach.
The Framework is a people-based approach to promote community action to respond to environmental issues. It works on the belief that individuals, communities and organizations in the watersheds of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay operate independently, yet are united by a common cause. Members pledge to uphold a Charter Statement to coordinate actions throughout the watersheds, so as to protect and restore the natural environment.

Dalglish Family Foundation 
Support from the Dalglish family has helped us to achieve program goals in 2015 -- including fighting phragmites and gathering important aquatic data on Judges Creek, Old Woman’s River and Judges Creek. We held six workshops on shoreline naturalization and septic system management, and surveyed local culverts to see if they created barriers to fish migration. We are grateful for the opportunities that this funding has provided.

Fundraising / Donate

Purchase Artworks
that support the Biosphere!

Many artists on the Bruce Peninsula support environmental conservation and stewardship. You will soon be able to enjoy local art while supporting  the Biosphere Association's environmental efforts. AY Jackson Red MapleThis section of the Biosphere website is under development. When it is ready, you will be able to purchase a locally-produced artwork here. We are planning to begin by offering local quilting that is beautiful enough to hang as an artistic centrepiece in your favourite room. Your payment will go to support Biosphere programs and the artist will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your payment. When the Art Purchase Program is operational, to view a photo of art which is available for sale, please click here

Conservation and Stewardship Plan

Please go to the Conservation and Stewardship website by clicking here!

Coastal Wetlands on Bruce Peninsula


What are your Conservation Concerns? You could help us support the Conservation and Stewardship Network with implementation of the Conservation and Stewardship Plan. Is your community group willing to take the lead on implementation of one of the actions identified in the Plan? This initiative is sponsored by Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.

More about the Six Streams Initiative...

In the summer of 2012 we began this initiative to develop an integrated watershed plan for the Old Woman's and Stokes River watershed. It encompasses all major aspects, for example water quality and habitat, terrestrial habitat and land cover, and biodiversity. If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you should be able to view a map with photos and other information by clicking here. If you have technical difficulties, we might be able to help - call Jeremy at (519) 377-5166. The project is proceeding well.

Ontario Trillium Foundation LogoWe have received approval of funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund Ontario Government Logoto monitor and restore streams, with the support of area landowners and students by:
  • taking and analysing water samples
  • installing alternative watering systems for cattle
  • undertaking volunteer-based restoration projects.

The baseline datasets of water chemistry variables from 2013 and 2014 water sampling to describe stream health in reference to provincial and federal standards have been analysed by Catherine Dieleman of the University of Western Ontario. The results for the five streams we are working on and Black Creek (which is the control) may be viewed by following the following links.
2014 Black Creek (control) 
2014 Judges Creek
2014 Old Woman's River
2014 Stokes River
2014 Swan Lake Drain
2014 Unnamed Creek (Little Pike)
2013 Black Creek (control) 
2013 Judges Creek
2013 Old Woman's River
2013 Stokes River
2013 Swan Lake Drain
2013 Unnamed Creek (Little Pike)
The summary report on ecosystem rehabilitation for 2013 may be viewed by clicking here.
The major task within this project has been to exclude cattle from streams using alternate water sources for cattle, fed by solar-powered pumps. If you would like to be involved, please contact us now!  


Shoreline Stewardship and Septic Management

A Shoreline Stewardship Workshop was held on Sept 3rd 2015. For more details please click here (Sorry, 5.3 MB file may load slowly.) If you have trouble loading large files please call Sean Liipere at (519) 373-9788 or Elizabeth Thorn at (519) 377-5166 for information.    The first Shoreline Workshop was held on July 29th 2015 and covered septic systems, gardening, stormwater management and living with wildlife. Funded through the Government of Canada's National Conservation Plan. Click here for more information   A Septic System Workshop was held Aug 22nd 2015. For more details please click here. (Sorry, 4.5 MB file may load slowly)    Call Sean Liipere at (519) 373-9788 for information about other workshops.


Join the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association!

Does this sound good? Interested in becoming a member?

Please click here to go to MEMBERSHIP

...or, if you prefer pay your membership with a cheque, please click here, print your application and mail it in with your payment.


Our Goals:

  • Environmental Conservation
  • Community Building
  • Sustainable Economic Development

We use a Citizen Science Approach

Help us make a difference!


Be Informed

If you would like to keep informed by receiving three or four e-mails in the coming year, please tell us what you are most interested in by clicking HERE


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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Biosphere Association on Thursday March 31st was held this year at the Stokes Bay Community Centre in Stokes Bay. Catherine Dieleman presented water testing results from the past three years of sampling. Elizabeth Thorn, Neils Munk, Sean Liipere and others outlined what has been done this year and what can be done to improve water quality, fight phragmites and promote forest connectivity. Katherine McLeod, the new Executive Director of the Association outlined the budget and plans for 2017. Those attending learned about other activities on the Peninsula such as shoreline workshops and septic awareness. We were happy to see everyone who participated this year!

Trillium Grant for Soil Erosion!

The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association is pleased to announce a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for $241,500 over three years to support its efforts to tackle soil erosion on agricultural land. OTF LOGO The Association's ongoing work with farmers on the Northern Bruce Peninsula improves water quality and preserves fertility of fields by reducing sediment runoff that would otherwise enter streams and ultimately flow into Lake Huron or Georgian Bay. For more details please click here to see the Owen Sound Times article by Denis Langlois.


To view the poster, please click HERE
To Apply:
Please submit a resume and cover letter by e-mail to Katherine McLeod, Executive Director, Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association:
Important: Please ensure your application file is in a PDF format and the filename includes your first and last name and the job title (ex. Jane_Doe_Engineering Technologist.pdf). Please also put the job title, Engineering Technologist, in the subject line of your email

What are your Conservation Concerns??
We support the Conservation and Stewardship Network with implementation of the Conservation and Stewardship Plan which may be viewed by clicking here! Is your community group willing to take the lead on implementation of one of the actions identified in the Plan?

Sponsored by Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation LogoThe Biosphere Association is grateful to the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation for providing the opportunity to move this project forward.

Bruce Peninsula Farm Farming Community

We hope you have been able to attend our Pasture Meetings. We have covered a wide variety of topics from Josie Mielhausen's Phyto Filter Remediation to Miscanthus and Soil Erosion.    We have enjoyed getting to know many farmers and other supporters better!

Dark Sky

A Learning Community Initiative – Dark Sky Committeestarry_sky_BPBA_logo,  BPBA, BPEG, the Municipal Council, other organizations and many individuals have worked for ten years on preserving the night sky on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. Recently the Niagara Escarpment Commission endorsed dark skies in a new pamphlet (click to see FRONT and BACK pages). In 2011 the Ontario Trillium Foundation Ontario Trillium Foundation Logo supported a free light assessment program for homeowners. Ridgewood Capital Asset Management generously provided funding for a Light Conversion Incentive program that provided homeowners with rebates to update fixtures to dark sky friendly lighting.Ridgewood Company Logo The Biosphere Association also created a 52 page catalogue of dark sky lighting fixtures carried by local suppliers. The catalogue, designed for homeowners to use to retrofit their outdoor lighting, may be downloaded by clicking here:  lightingcatalogue.pdf (a big file: 10 Mb).Scotia Private Client Group Logo Catalogue printing was funded by Scotia Private Client Group . Please note that stock and prices were accurate at time of initial publishing, but they change rapidly. The catalogue should therefore be considered a general guide rather than an authoritative reference.

There are many reasons for preserving our starry night skies. View the Video Interviews of Local Dark Sky Champions and other information (please click here). Find out more about this  Learning Community Initiative



Help us with Watersheds:
Aquatic Monitoring

From 2003 to 2005 a benthic monitoring program in three local cold-water streams monitored the health of these aquatic ecosystems. Benthic monitoring involves collecting bottom samples from the streams to identify and count the macro-invertebrates (aquatic insects) present in the water. Since some of these species are sensitive to disruptions in their environment they are good indicators of the health of the streams. The Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring reports for 2003, 2004 and 2005 are available online by clicking here.

     Forest Monitoring

forest In 2002, a long-term monitoring program was initiated to assess the health of forest ecosystems on the Bruce Peninsula. Sixteen monitoring plots have been established on both private and protected lands throughout the municipality to observe changes in the health of our forest ecosystems by monitoring mature tree species, seedling and sapling regeneration, decay rates, lichens, and salamanders.

     Salamander Monitoring

SalamanderSince 2003, salamander monitoring protocols have been implemented at eight of the forest monitoring plots throughout the municipality. Coverboards, or layered wood, were used to monitor salamanders since they act as artificial habitat, making it easier to count them.

     Youth Involvement

Kayci Wipp - Global Citizenship Award Winner 2012Kayci Wipp of Tobermory was the 2012 winner of the Biosphere Association's UNESCO Global Citizenship Award.
(photo courtesy of Tobermory Press)
For years, the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association has provided local youth with an opportunity to gain hands-on employment experiences under the mentorship of resource professionals.


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