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  • Déjà vu for Indigenous villagers in Brazil as floods leave them homeless again
    Three years after the collapse of a mining dam forced them from their homes in Brazil’s Minas Gerais state, a small community of Pataxó and Pataxó Hãhãhãe Indigenous peoples face yet another disaster-driven displacement. At the start of the year, their village of Naô Xohã, which means “warrior spirit” in their language, was destroyed when […]
  • Amazon to Alps: Swiss gold imports from Brazil tread a legal minefield
    Illegal mining in protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon saw as much as a fivefold increase since 2010, a gold rush driven largely by surging prices in international markets. Over the past year, 25.4 tons of the precious metal worth an estimated $1.2 billion has been exported from Brazil to Switzerland, making it the second-largest […]
  • As climate change melts Antarctic ice, gentoo penguins venture further south
    The crew of the M/V Arctic Sunrise, an icebreaker vessel owned by Greenpeace, were sailing through Antarctica’s Weddell Sea this month when they saw something they didn’t expect. “One of the scientists on board, Alex Borowicz … was looking through the binoculars from the bridge of our ship,” Louisa Casson, an ocean campaigner with Greenpeace […]
  • Bleached reefs still support nutritious fish, study finds
    Escalating ocean temperatures stemming from climate change are devastating the world’s tropical coral reefs. In response to the stress, corals, which are animals, sometimes unceremoniously jettison the algae that live within them. That expulsion drains the color from the reefs in what’s known as bleaching. In the severest cases, it can kill the coral, which […]
  • COP27 must deliver climate finance where it is needed most (commentary)
    2022 has already started out with a series of extreme climate events, reminiscent of last year’s record-breaking storms, heat, drought, and flood events, which displaced nearly 30 million people. In 2021, the top 10 climate disasters caused an estimated $170 billion worth of damage, underlining the growing threat climate change poses to global financial stability. […]
  • ‘Rural women in Zimbabwe are in constant contact with climate change’: Q&A with Shamiso Mupara
    HARARE, Zimbabwe – Women, children and the elderly are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change in rural Zimbabwe, taking up a large share of the agricultural labor force and management of household nutrition. This became especially apparent in the years between 1950 and 2013, where the country recorded 22 years of drought, leaving […]

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