The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association is a non-profit, community-based registered charity dedicated to achieving a healthy environment. From its creation in 2000, the Association it has been implementing the concepts of UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. The mission of the Association is to build community commitment and capacity in conservation and sustainable development while achieving concrete environmental goals.

Administered by a volunteer board of directors, the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association represents diverse members of the community, including conservationists, farmers, business owners, teachers, students and others. This collaboration among a wide range of community members is one of the Association's guiding principles. The board represents various interests to increase its effectiveness in achieving a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community on the Bruce Peninsula.

A Brief History of the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association

The Niagara Escarpment became a Biosphere Reserve on February 8, 1990. The Biosphere Association was established in 2000 as a community group committed to "living the principles of a UNESCO Biosphere". The organization incorporated formally on November 29, 2002.  Charitable registration was awarded by the Canada Revenue Agency in 2008.

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