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Thank you to our Sponsors, Partners and Supporters

The Biosphere Association greatly appreciates contributions from many sponsors, partners and supporters.

The Association has organized a raffle each year since 2011. We also sell Laura Secord-style chocolate eggs yearly, prior to Easter. The funds raised from the raffle and chocolate egg sales have been a critical part of allowing us to continue to study, educate, promote and protect the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere.

Thank you to the many organizations and individuals who help in many ways. Some recent supporters include

Dalglish Foundation
FDI (Ferndale Drive In)
Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
Hellyer's Foodland
Marydale's Restaurant
Miller Lake Family Hair Care
Ontario Trillium Foundationor te
Rachel's Bakery
Scott's Home Hardware
Stokes Bay General Store
Summer House Park

If you would like to see your name on this list, or if it should be there and isn't, please call or text us at 519 377-5166.